Thieves and Vagabonds

Here’s my artwork that was in the “Thieves and Vagabonds” exhibition at LO-FI Gallery a few weeks ago.
Acrylic and aerosol on plywood.

Keep Australia Colourful…

On May 15, Keep Australia Beautiful is teaming up with the NSW State Government for their second ‘Graffiti Action Day’. Their aim is to mobilise volunteers all over the state to paint over as much graffiti as they can.
On the same day, we urge you to join us and take a stand on behalf of Graffiti and Street Art as valuable forms of art and culture. The government wants to ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ by painting our streets, lanes and public spaces various shades of beige – but we want to Keep Australia Colourful! Let’s show people how great our cities could look if there were more places for artists to create pieces legally.

This is the the truck I painted for the cause last year……